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Cut and paste, without scissors.

One day I left my house in Monte Caseros, Corrientes.

And I appeared in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I graduated from Audiovisual Director.

Captivated by the power of a mouse, I started my path in post production.
Being a VFX Artist, I was able to understand that different elements

could coexist in the same place and work to tell something.
A little later, I discovered that the collage technique is the perfect place to continue exploring this idea. Take concepts, unite them, break them, cut them,

change their color.

Having fun and hard work, just to create for a little instant an impossible scene,
that "exists" on a screen.


A.K.A. Poli Romero


Throughout my career I have worked for different production and post-production studios (Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil).
Providing services for Film, Broadcast Television
and OTT platform projects.

Lahaye Media                      Bitt Animation                       Oruga Cine

Pol-ka Producciones        Cinecolor Argentina               Prymmos VFX

Pampa Films                        Zeppelin Films                        TV Pública

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