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Music Videos - Animated Collage 

Direction, art and animation. Lyric Videos and Videoclips.



Animated lyric video for the punk-rock band Green Day. USA. 2022.

A very personal piece of work that took off on social media. I love this band’s music and in the middle of the pandemic I had the idea of making an animated video clip with one of the tracks from their latest album. After it spread on the Internet, Green Day laid eyes on it and adopted it as one of their official videos on their social media accounts.

I became the happiest man in the world, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of uniting their music with my art.



Animated Lyric Video. 2021.

With some of the leftover materials and scenes from the previous lyric video, I decided to create a new one and continue experimenting with digital collage animation.



Animated Lyric Video for the euskaldun rock band,"Gatibu" from the Basque Country, Spain. 2022.


They reached out to me from the old country and assigned me the task of representing through images what the main single from their latest album expressed.

I had to create three characters that would be the alter ego of each band member and their perfect antagonist.

A KoalaGodzilla/Koala -T-Rex.

MADRIFF madrid indie film festival. Selección oficial "videoclips"

Madrid Indie Film Festival
Selección Oficial - Videoclips
España - 2023



Videoclip for Diego Frenkel. Rock singer, musician and composer. Argentina. 2022.


"Medusas" is a game between reality and dreams.

The objective was to depict the song in surreal scenes, trying to focus on the beauty and mystery that these sea creatures inspire.

ANIMA LATINA Festival de cine de animación. Competencia oficial de videoclips animados
Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Fest. Selección oficial "videoclips"
18 Festival Transterritorial de cine underground. Selección oficial "videoclips"

Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground
Selección Oficial - Videoclips
Argentina - 2022

Barcelona Indie Film Festival
Selección Oficial - Videoclips
España - 2023

Anima Latina
Competencia Oficial - Videoclips
Argentina - 2023


Volver a jugar

Animated Lyric Video for Guillermo Bono. Rock-pop musician and composer. Argentina. 2021.

With an easy and happy melody, the video follows the song introducing images that make us think about childhood and life’s most beautiful moments.

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